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Poster: Spuzz Date: Oct 7, 2004 11:39am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: MOVIE OF THE WEEK! ARF!

Hi all!

This week, just a short intro, as I'm dead tired.. So hi hi hi!! Today, we'll go back to exploring (almost said exploiting lol) the new Prelingers... and this week, a short film, I just loved the name of it.. (and we havent had an animal focus yet)... Today's film is called..

Tippy, Our Town Dog !!

No, I havent seen it yet, I hope we all enjoy it!! It can be found at:

OK, see you Sunday :)


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Poster: ridetheory Date: Oct 9, 2004 12:59pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: MOVIE OF THE WEEK! ARF!

Aw man, what a letdown. With that name, I was hoping it would be about a three-legged dog!

I will say this: Best. Chase. Scenes. Ever. I like how the director built suspense by having the bunny "run" away by hopping slowly and stopping frequently.

And that dogcatcher couldn't catch a COLD!

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Poster: AppleGirl Date: Oct 10, 2004 5:02am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Aw, that was sweet

Tippy is a good dog. And the neighbor is so nice to consider Tippy's needs for a playmate, and the boy's need for a companion. I hope he cleared it with the parents first!

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Poster: Spuzz Date: Oct 10, 2004 8:47am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: Aw, that was sweet

Yes, I just wonder what organizations (like the spca (or the pound) thought of these films which feature people who 'don't have time for their pets' and give them away to kids, who'll probably bore quickly trying to find Tippy all the time.

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Poster: Marysz Date: Oct 12, 2004 9:40am
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: The mysterious Mr. Black

Mr. Black says he has no time to care for Tippy, yet he's home in the middle of the afternoon when Jimmy gets out of school. Does he sit around the house all day in a suit and tie?

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Poster: AppleGirl Date: Oct 13, 2004 12:35pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: The mysterious Mr. Black

hehe, the movie takes place in Sunnyvale, and he's inventing the computer in his garage!